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Good morning and welcome to Hilldale Baptist Church. I like to tell people that we’re not a perfect church because we’re made up of imperfect people…but we are real people connecting real faith to real life.
I have the distinct pleasure on behalf of this great church family to greet you in the name of Jesus. If this is your first time (or your first time in a long time), will you be so kind as to complete the guest registration slip to the right and drop it in the offering later on this morning? We love new faces and new families!
This morning, I’m continuing a new sermon series that I’m calling “The Silent Sermon of Baptism.” Each message in this series comes from Romans 6:1-11, so why don’t you go ahead and find your way there now? I’m speaking today about how “Baptism Preaches a Silent Sermon on Our Identity with Christ.”
USA Today carried an article a few years ago entitled “Rite of Baptism Trickles Away,” in which an attempt was made to explain the decline of baptisms in American churches. Everything in the article concerned me…but especially the part about new baptism-style ceremonies that some people are conducting that never mention God. It’s a regrettable attempt to embrace all the world’s religions at once.
Biblical baptism, however, has distinctive meaning and significance. That’s what we’re talking about today.
By the way, you can follow along with today’s sermon using a smartphone or mobile device by into your web browser.
I hope you know that God loves you…and so do I!



Bro. Larry