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Most Americans own a Bible, yet only a small fraction actually read the Bible. I’m guessing that’s why George Barna found and reported, “Only 9% of all born-again adults have a biblical worldview…The other 91% possess a patchwork of theological views and rarely rely upon those perspectives to inform their daily decisions.” That causes me spiritual heartburn.
I’m asking lately, “Does the Bible still have value and voice?” If not, let’s move on to something else. BUT if it does still matter—and obviously I believe it does—then should we not read it like it still matters…and obey it as if we’re going to be held accountable to our Creator for what we did with His entrusted self-revelation?
I’m preaching today the fourth in a series of five messages entitled, “Reading the Bible As If It Still Matters.” This morning’s text will come from Matthew 13, if you want to go ahead and find your way there.
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By the way, I hope you know that God loves you and so do I!

Bro. Larry