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Good morning and welcome to Hilldale Baptist Church…Where Lives Connect! I’m privileged to be the face and voice of those words, but there’s a whole church family that backs them up. And I hope that you know you’re among friends here at Hilldale. We’re just real people connecting real faith to real life.
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While my sermon series on the sanctity of human life  draws to a close today, I want to address a matter that continues to come up about the “Vote YES on 1” campaign. There’s been a good bit of chatter lately that the “Vote YES” crowd is misleading people into believing abortion clinics are not regulated.
I will go on the record that I am not afraid of being fact-checked on this issue. Those who assert that abortion clinics are licensed, regulated, and inspected “just like any ambulatory surgical treatment center” are either being blatantly dishonest or they’ve been living in a cave.
Because of the unfortunate interpretation of the state Supreme Court in 2000 regarding abortion, the state lost its case against an abortion provider in 2002 to force licensure and thus regulation (including inspection) of his practices in Nashville and Bristol. (See Tennessee Department of Health v. Gary Boyle, M.D.) This lesser known but extremely significant case effectively negated all attempts of the state to regulate abortion clinics. Licensure, and thus compliance with state regulations for medical facilities, is completely voluntary. Only half of the abortion providers in Tennessee are licensed. Those are the facts.
Fight the good fight! Ephesians 6:12.

Bro. Larry